moving towards Change in mid-life

Wife and mother. Woman of  “a certain age.”
Veteran journalist and freshly minted historian.
Teller of stories, new and old.

Back to School

“A dream deferred.” The elegant turn of phrase from the college admissions officer that described my return to the classroom after an absence of some thirty years. My decision to go back to school was a whim and decades in the making. I kept my acceptance letter secret for several days. I needed time to process — even now I’m

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Mills College

The Mills College I entered in the fall of 2017 was a far different institution that the one I visited as a teenager. For one, the student body is more diverse. The process of integration began in the late sixties and seventies. Today, the campus admits more young women of color and from a wider range of socio-economic groups than

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The New Rules

Amid the horrifying accounts of workplace misogyny making the headlines, comes a bit of welcome news for women, particularly those of a certain age. Fifty-plus — even 60-plus — women are suddenly hot: A recent Wall Street Journal article, The New Rules of Middle-Age Written by Women, notes that a

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